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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Etude House - Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color Review

Etude House is always launching their product with good, sweet, cute, girly, eye catching packagings, i fall in love at the first sight with these product : Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color >.<

I choose PK002 Strawberry Ciffon Cake (They named the product like a cake >.<)

Product Descriptions :
Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color
Vol : 10g
Price : 85.000 at MY SHOP

Multi-Tint For Eyes, Lips and Cheek.
* Makeup! This One!! All Over!!! Multifunction Color tint for your natural makeup.
* This is a Must Have Item in your makeup pouch without doubt.

The Color is very nice.. soft girly pink. The smell is very nice too, mix between strawberry and other fruity fragrance. Lets take a look the color result in my hand :

How to use this multi tint balm according Etude House description image : (for Lips, Eye, Blusher)

The texture is liptick balm, sticky like a lip balm but pigmented like a lipstick. Here is the result in my lips:

At the first time i affraid to put it on my cheek, i afraid that the color absorbs quickly in the skins just like liptint type, but it's not, like i said before, its like lipstick balm, so when i'm busy taking photo, the color is not drying or absorb on skins.

I blend the color using my finger at the smile point, not to difficult, it's easy to blend. And.. taaa-daaaa.. this is final result in my cheek

I don't use it on my eye, because i'm not soo good at pink eyeshadow (i use, but i didn't take photos because i think it's doesn't match with my face), so i use it on my lip and cheek only.
I try to use it on my eye and cheek using brush but i think the best is using finger. But for lips, i think the best is using lip brush.
Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color is the must have makeups for beginners because this is multi functions color balm that will save your money ∩_∩

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Magnum Cafe Yogyakarta Review

*Warning! Bandwith Killer 13pcs images*

Today i'm gonna review ice cream (again) (^.^) Do you know Magnum Ice Cream by Walls? I think almost everyone knows about the popular Magnum Ice Cream, and so many people is curious about Magnum Cafe (Walls Magnum already opened Magnum Cafe at Jakarta). So when i heard in Magnum Cafe is opening at Yogyakarta too, i can't wait to try this soo popular Magnum Ice Cream cafe.

So.. where is Magnum Cafe in Yogyakarta? You can see the address in their menu below :

You can see in the photo, this place is not MAGNUM CAFE but AMBARUKMO MAGNUM RESTO. This means that this place is Restaurant that use magnum ice cream as their main theme, and this place have so many foods and beverages to choose beside Magnum Ice Cream.

Ah.. there is the menu of Magnum Ice Cream. A little bit shocked with the price? Hahaha me too.. so me and my BF decided to try ordered only one ice cream. We a little bit affraid if taste is not so great or not worthed with the price.

Here is what i ordered High Grape Peach (IDR 55.000) :
(They said its High Grape but in the bill its written Peach Shelba, that weird because i didn't see in the menu Peach Shelba)


This photo below is not smoking area, cozy and look a like regular cofee shop. We choose smoking area because the interior is more interesting.

Whoaa.. the chairs is look a like Giant Magnum Ice hahaha (^^)/

They displayed the antique horse carriage with Magnum Logo on it :

The mirror in the toilet is look so beautiful and unique :

I expected this place is original Magnum Cafe like in Jakarta, but i think its not, this place is Restaurant with Magnum Theme. The interior of this place is very nice, unique and comfortable atmosphere for hanging out with friends, family or with a girl/boyfriend.

Because this Restaurant is still new, the situations is not so crowded, you can walk around and take some photos. I'm pretty sure, so many spot in this place to support your narcissism instinct hahaha (^o^)

Magnum ice cream that i odered (High Grape Peach) taste is delicious, this dessert is a regular vanilla ice cream, peach fruit, and Strawberry Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream put on the top. But there's one things that i don't like, the ice is too quickly melt >.<

I feel a little bit disappointed actually.. because the price of course.. its expensive (on opening promo, they have 10% discount) This place is using Magnum as a theme, but they only have little variation magnum ice cream menu, i meam..this place have giant magnum seat, unique magnum themed carriage, and the restaurant name is using word "magnum", but there's only small picture and no detail descriptions magnum ice creams dessert on the menu list.

Friday, June 28, 2013

I changed my blog theme.. again..

I change my theme from pink girly looks into something clean and clear looks. After a few days costumizing my new theme, it's finally done.. not 100% done, some links still brokens, but i will fix it immediately.

My old theme :

My new theme :

So.. which one is better?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Color Club - Take Me To Your Chateau Swatch

Another post about nails \(´`)/ this is one of my favourite nail polish, creme pastel blue "Take Me To Your Chateau" from Color Club :

This nail polish collections is old, maybe it's hard to find this polish right know (but i still have it on stock now). Color club is one of good brands nail polish, not too expensive but the quality is good.
You can feel the difference of good or bad nail polish after have it more than one years, bad quality nail polish will look ugly, but the good ones still on nice conditions.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Iga Bakar Jogja at Jln.Gejayan

Last year, my baptism teacher Mr. Dwidjo, said one of his favourite restaurant is Iga Bakar Jogja, but i always forget to try it, until yesterday, yeaa.. ^^ finally me and my BF try this restaurant.

The situation in the front of Iga Bakar Jogja (Jln. Gejayan)

The situation in the inside of Iga Bakar, not too crowded

Beverages Menu

Foods Menu

This is what i ordered : Iga Bakar Madu (honey grilled ribs) and Ca Pak Choy (stir-fries pak choi). Iga Bakar Madu taste is delicious, the meat is tender, easy to chew, but i can't find the "honey" taste.
Ca Pak Choy is use tauco as a seasoning (tauco is fermented soybeans), not everyone is familiar with tauco, my BF doesn't like tauco, but in my hometown, Tegal, we ussually used Tauco when cookings, so for me the Ca Pak Choy taste is great.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Geo Nudy Grey Review

Actually i'm not a fans of grey coloured lens, i prefer green or brown color, and this Geo Nudy Grey is the only one grey lens i had. I think this lens are great, so i will review it today.

This lens can buy at MY SHOP, it's very cheap lens (Only IDR 95.000) but the quality is good, so comfortable to use all day and the colors are naturals. This Geo Nudy Lens have 7 variations colors : blue, green, brown, grey, violet, pink and golden blue (golden blue is also my favourite lens, i already review it HERE)

The Descriptions :
Water Content : 32-42%
Usage : 1 year
Made in : Korea
Diameter : 14mm

At this photo the lens color look a little bit bluish but actually not that blue, is pure grey, you can match this lens with smoky style makeup, khaki or blue eyeshadow, but i like to keep it natural, so i only use silver - grey eyeshadow with thin line of black eyeliner

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Parsley Gelato at Jogja Paradise ♪(´ε` ) ♪♪

Did i already mention that i love i creaaammms soo much? hahaha.. >.< this is another ice creams review, actually its gelato, but i can say this is kind of ice cream too, i will explain the difference between ice cream and gelato someday.
Today i will review Parsley Gelato at Jogja Paradise (food court located in Jl.Magelang KM 6, in the front The Sahid Rich Hotel). Parlsey originally is bakery, but they opened restaurant too and now they opened gelato cafe at Jogja Paradise. 

This is a variation of gelato flavors at Parsley :

Gelato price IDR 10.000 for one scoop and  IDR17.000 for two scoops. They selling Eclairs too, each IDR 9.000, but i haven't try it yet..

My choice : Rum raisin & Mango

My BF choice : Blackberry & Whiskey

Rum raisin and whiskey have strong alcohol taste, i think its delicious, but if you don't like alchol taste, better if you try another flavour. Mango and Blackberry is great too. Just one thing i dont like, this gelato is too quickly melting.

But i will try another flavour at Parsley Gelato sometimes

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Natural food that make you look younger

If your age is now over 25 years old, and you want to look younger, i think its normal, and you'll be happy if people think your age is younger than it should. Here some food tips to make you skin, body, look fresh, healthy and look younger

1. Tomatoes
The fruit's red pigment, lycopene, is a potent antioxidant that shields skin from sun damage—like sunscreen, but from the inside out. To best absorb lycopene, eat tomatoes with olive oil.

2. Oranges  and citrus Fruits
Vitamin C is essential to building collagen, a vital component of young-looking skin, which starts breaking down in your twenties. Citrus also contains bioflavonoids, which protect skin from UV rays and help prevent cell death.

3.  Broccoli
Just a half-cup of broccoli a day can make you feel energized while also boosting your immune system. Broccoli contains more than 2/3 of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Broccoli also has the nutrient sulforaphane, which helps with liver detoxification.

4. Low-fat yogurt
Low-fat yogurt provides the calcium and phosphorus that can boost tooth enamel, which will make your smile even brighter. In addition, yogurt's probiotics and help with digestion so that you are less constipated.

5. Bell peppers / Paprika
Bell peppers are chock-full of antioxidants, especially the brightly colored red, yellow and orange ones.
Indeed, these peppers can boost immune function, ward off sun damage and even reduce your risk of several types of cancer.

6. Berries Fruits
All types of berries are good for you -- cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries -- but the darker ones are the best as they usually have the highest concentration of antioxidants. Berries also have a lot of vitamin C, which is good for your skin. Antioxidants destroying free radicals which can cause fine lines and wrinkles

Actually i just read it few days ago, and i rarely eat fruit and vegetable, so i think i should eat those food too >.<

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Super Instant Chezzy Spaghetti

I'm a lazy person, so when i cooking, i always using the quickest methods hahaha. I called it "life hacks" i heard this term on, but i don't really know if my spaghetti recipe bellow is can be called "life hacks" >.<

OK, this is what i use :

Ingredients :
1. La Fonte Spaghetti
2. Imported Pepperoni (my friend give it to me as a gift, but you can change it with sausage or meatball)
3. ProChiz Chesse
4. La Pasta Spaghetti Instant : Cheese Bolognese
5. Instant Beef Broth / Salt
I dont use measuring instruments, just use my feelings hahaha

How To Made :
1. Put some waters in pot, add all spaghetti from La Pasta Spaghetti Instant, and add some spaghetti from La Fonte Spaghetti (there's no measuring here, just add until i think it's enough to make my stomach full) boiled until fully cooked. 
2. Open instant seasoning from La Pasta Spaghetti Instant, put it on serving plate
3. When your pasta is boiled, cut pepperoni or whatever processed meat you have, and put it on pot when waters already boiling.
4. After your pasta is fully cooked, drain the waters, put it on serving plate, add a little instant beef broth or salt, stir until all ingredients are well blended.
5. Sprinkle grated ProChiz Chesse on top.

Ta-daaaa.. your spaghetti is already finished.. yummm.. the taste is sooo chezzy. You can prepare it in only 5-10 minutes.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Etude Moistfull Flower Cream Review

The pink color is always tempting me >.< i can't resist the temptation to try Etude Moistfull Flower Cream, plus.. i heard this cream is popular.. so, lets try this pinky cream.. 

The outside box is a little bit wrecked during shipment, but its okay..

The production date is still new : 9 March 2013, ussually korean cosmetics put production date not expired date, so many customer asked about this, they shocked because they think they buy expired cosmetics.

 Hmm..the smell of fresh flower.. so lovely..

The texture is gel, not creamy, and its doesn't feel sticky in your skin

At the first time i apply it on my skins, it's look to "watery" but Moistfull Flower quickly absorb into my skins and after a few minute, my skin feel soooo soft but not sticky. Also, it doesn't make your face look too glow. Some pepole are doesn't like if her face look glowy. I think Moistfull Flower is recommend for you who have oily skin or looking for not-sticky moisturizer.
I Love it ^^ interested to try? you can buy it at HERE

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