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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream ~ Review

After a few month after CC Cream launched, I think the BB Cream is still the most wanted Korean Makeup. But I still love CC Cream, CC Cream is best makeup for you who like simple and natural makeup.

So I decided to try another CC Cream, i already tried CC Cream Silky from Etude House (review here).
My supplier gave me Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream, because she accidentally bought 2 pieces, and she give me one as a gift yeeeyyy °\(^.^)/°

This is first Innisfree product I try, let's see If this CC Cream is good

The material box is from recycle paper and soy ink, this is very unique. They recommended you to return the empty bottle to Innisfree after use. It's good idea for recycling but unfortunatelly it will be difficult for overseas customers, like me hahaha

The volume is 40ml, a bit larger than Etude CC Cream, you can read the product descriptions here,

This pump bottle is unique, the contents will floating to the top. Try use pump bottle like this in a month, and see the bottle through a bright light, you can see the bottom part is empty because the contents is floating on the top of bottle.

Like other CC Cream, its white and have a little bursting dots that will burst moist particle if you rub your skins repeatedly.

Let's try on my hand...Oopss.. I think I put too much, because it's look very white on my skin. But don't worry, CC Cream result is not like wearing thick mask. You have to rub rub rub on your face, until all CC Cream is blended on your skins.

This is before after using CC Cream,

CC Cream is light weighted result than BB Cream, the coverage is thin and contain lot of moisturizer.
As you can see in the picture, CC Cream not hiding my panda eyes so well, I need concealer if I want to hide panda eyes or acne.

Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream texture is thicker than Etude House CC Cream, so you'll have to rub several times to get natural finish. Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream only have a little glow effect, so this CC Cream is suitable for normal, oily and dry skin.

Why you need CC Cream? If you don't like too much putting makeup on your face, CC Cream is suitable for you, you can get 3 in 1 efficacies : makeup, moisturizer and suncream.

You like wearing CC Cream but need thicker coverage? It's easy.. mix with BB Cream or Foundation, or cover your pimple with concealer after wearing CC Cream. You can use Pact Powder or Loose Powder to create matte finish look.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gochujang (Korean Pepper Paste)


If I ask you, what is the most popular korean foods? I'm pretty sure that most of you will answer Kimchi and Bibimbap hahaha.. And most of you will answer Bulgogi, Jajangmyeon, Toppoki, Kimbab or Patbingsu.

I watch so many korean movie, I saw they eating vibrant red coloured foods, it's seem korean people likes spicy food so much hahaha. So I'm curious and searching tutorial for korean food at Youtube, my favourite channel is Maangchi

From Maangchi channel, I learn that ingredient key to vibrant red coloured food in korean cuisine is Gochujang. What is Gochujang? English name for Gochujang is Korean Pepper Paste, made from Glutinous Rice Powder, Fermented Soybean, Salt and Red Chili Powder, ussually, it naturally fermented in big clay pots outdoors

So I ask my supplier in Korea if she can send me one pack of Gochujang, and she say yes..
Thanx God that this Gochujang didn't break during shipment, I'm affraid that it will break and make all of cosmetic dirty >.<

Gochujang is using in so many popular korean cuisine, like Kimchi, Bibimbap, Toppoki. Korean people like to eat it with rice, meat, or vegetable as sauce. I've been tried Gochujang to make my own Bibimbap. The taste is salty and hot, a bit like spicy tauco sauce, but gochujang taste not too salty like tauco.

CJ Beksul Bap Cheese

The second food ingredient I brought from korea is CJ Beksul Bap Cheese. This is rice seasoning ussually for Onigiri, Porridge or plain white rice. This rice seasoning contains cheese, egg, nori, dried vegetable and sesame seed.

One package contains 3 sachet of seasoning, I think 1 sachet enoguh to seasoning 2 bowl porrige or 2 plate plain white rice.

How about the taste? Delicious i think.. Dominant flavour is cheese, I still can taste a little bit nori, but I can't feel any egg or dried vegetable, althouh the dried vegetable seen so clearly hahaha. How about sesame seed? I only saw a bit of sesame seed

This rice seasoning not only bring variations on your Onigiri, Sushi or Porrige, but it can save your life when you have nothing to eat at frige hahaha

Friday, February 21, 2014

Magnum Infinity ~ Review

I'm a big big big fans of chocolate and ice cream. So of course! I'll review about Magnum Ice Cream. Infinity is a new product from Magnum. The promotions is big enough to get my attentions and quickly search in local store, but I'll have to wait around 1 month until the products distributed in my city. I don't know..but I think this is marketing strategy from Magnum hahaha >.<

This is the promotional image on their website

The product descriptions is : Chocolate ice cream with caramel sauce coated with chocolate and cocoa beans. They say the chocolate coating are from Tanzania, let's taste it..

As you can see in the picture, the chocolate coating springkle with small beads, like peanuts. They say its cocoa beans.

Yup, that's cocoa beans, the taste is bitter like a very dark chocolate. This is unique.. mixed with the sweetness of chocolate, and the softness from chocolate ice cream, the cocoa beans doesn't taste bitter at all, but gives a rich chocolate sensations.

This is the inside of Magnum Infinity, after I bite it hahaha. Unfortunately, this ice cream doesn't exactly 100% like in the promotional poster.
In poster, Magnum Infinity have red-choco caramel swirl in the inside, but in the real product, the color of caramel swirl is yellow-beige.

But I think the taste is great, caramel and chocolate ice cream taste very soft, but chocolate with cocoa beans coating gives sharp taste. As ussual... Magnum ice cream are always delicious ^^

Product Name : Magnum Infinity
Rating : 8.5/10
Recommended : Yes

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pizza Hut : Cheesy Ria & Cheese Fondue ~ Review

I think the most favourite pizza is from Pizza Hut, because I looovee the melted Mozzarella Cheese in the inside of the bread rim. I'm a big big fans of cheese (maybe because my chinese zodiac is mouse hahaha)

For appetizer, I ordered is Puff Cheese Fondue, this appetizer is Puff Pastry Stick with Cheese Sauce, to keep the Cheese Sauce warm and prevent the sauce thickened, they put small candle in the bottom, just like aromatherapy burner.

Puff Pastry Stick taste good, not too salty and crispy. Cheese Sauce taste delicious, but it's very salty, so I spread the sauce in my pizza, and the pizza taste is more delicious, I think.. Hahaha

For Main Course, I'm curious to try new bread rim from Pizza Hut, that's Cheesy Ria. This new bread rim is combination of two flavors of cheese. The first one is Mozzarella Cheese wrapped with Cheddar Cheese. The second one is Mozzarella Cheese wrapped with chicken seasoning.

This is the poster :

For Pizza topping I choose Blackpepper Beef, contains : Beef, Paprika, Onion and Blackpepper sauce. The taste is delicious, as always.. melted Mozzarella Cheese feel so great in my tounge, Blackpepper Beef taste spicy and salty, perfectly combined with crunchy Paprika. Paprika taste is crunchy and fresh, compare with Indonesian Pepper i ussually eat (Chili), the Paprika is isn't hot at all.

There's nothing I hate from this pizza, although i can't feel the difference between 2 kind of cheese they mentioned in the descriptions.

Situation in Pizza Hut at dinner time always crowded, but they service quite fast, and the waitress always nice and polite. Eating experience in Pizza Hut never disappoint me.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Etude House If Story Nail Kit IV : If The White Witch Melt With Love ~ Swatch

Heloooo dear.. 2 posts in a row about nail polish ^.^ today's post is review of  "If Story Nail Kit IV" from Etude House

This nail polih kit is manufactured by Etude House at Christmas 2012, it's already a year passed, and in 2013, Etude House no longer produce Christmas Nail Polish Kit.

Colors i choose is "If The White Witch Melt With Love", which represent the atmosphere of a Snowy White Xmas.

This is the description on the boxes..

The content of the If Story Nail Kit IV is 2 pieces of nail polish, each 10ml. The first is the large white and silver glitter nail polish, like a snow. And the second nail polish is pale purple creme polish with colorful glitter

The results of the first nail polish, this is a a big glitter top coat, there is hexagonal shape glitter and fritter glitter. Glitter top coat is perfect combined with metallic and shimmer nail polish

This is the results of the second nail polish, pale purple color, toned with multicolored glitter and variety of glitter sizes, this type of nail polish is quite unique, make your nails like quail eggs hahaha ^^

Product Name : Etude House If Story Nail Kit IV : If The White Witch Melt With Love
Rating : 8/10
Recommended : Yes
This product already discontinued

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #1 Screw Driver ~ Swatch

Its been a while since last post about nail polish swatch, today i'm gonna review about the best seller nail polish from Etude House

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails is mini nail polish kit contains 3pcs nail polish, 4ml each bottle.
All 3pcs nail polish have same theme color, so we can make gradation color on the nails easily.

The colors I choose is "Screw Driver", it's fresh orange color, I think.. the name is more suitable if Orange Juice or Orange Squash hahaha

Let's look at the color of nail polish in this kit :

The first nail polish is the base, the color is sheer peach orange, the color pigment is thin, because it's a base

The second is for color gradation, the color is fresh orange and there is little glitter, apply only at the nail tip, to make gradation effect

The third is a glitter top coat, the color is red-orange, apply only at the tip of the nail, I love the color of this nail polish ^^

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

Voilaa!! Your nails look so juicy ^^~

This is the final result,
You can put a clear top coat to make it shiny and long lasting


The price of this nail polish is cheap, and i got 3 pieces of nail polish, I think this nail polish kit is very interesting. What I don't like is.. to make ​​gradation nail effect takes a long time.

Put one layer of nail polish, wait until dry, and then put another layer etc..
To make your nail polish dry faster, you can blow with small portable fan, mini nail dryer or blow dryer. I sell nail dryer at my shop IDR 45.000 hahaha

Product Name : Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails
Rating : 8/10
Recommended : Yes
This product can be purchased at MY SHOP

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bottle Gourd ( Calabash )

Still in the spirit of Chinese New Year, today's post is about the Bottle Gourd. This Gourd has a very unique shape, and feels very oriental, because in ancient times, Chinese people used this gourd to store wine and medicine.

This Gourd is often known as a Gourd of Drunken God, because there is a popular Chinese movie where a funny and crazy God often bring wine in a Gourd Bottle.

This Gourd actually named Calabash, a description of this plant can be read on Wikipedia

When I was in High School, I saw a house near my school has this Gourd tree. Many years passed, and My Dad accidentally discovered the Bottle Gourd seeds sold in the local market, then we try to grow it and woooww the gourd grew enormously and produce so much fruit

This is the buds of gourd flower

And this blooming gourd flower

Innocent white flower has been transformed into a tiny gourd, so cute >.< I'm so excited, and then I take a picture with my gourd plants

My photo at the gourd garden ^^

And this is the young gourd

Planting bottle gourd is very fun, unique gourd shape is quite difficult to be found in other fruits. 
But this gourd will be very eating spaces, it's requires a large garden.

So messy....

The empty and dried gourd, can be filled with water and it's doesn't leak. You can decorate it with paints.

I have unique experience with this gourd, I used to sell dried bottle gourd online, the price of large size bottle gourd IDR.50,000 and medium sized bottle gourd IDR.40,000 . I also sell the seeds IDR.1,000/seed.

A lot of people interested, I also make exchanges with my friends who wanted to have this gourd, I usually exchange seeds or dried bottle gourd with snacks. A friend of mine in Bandung (Indonesia) exchanged 3 pieces of dried bottle gourd with 8 box of brownies. I think she trying to make me fat hahaha >.<

Now, I don't have the bottle gourd plants again, because it is very takes places and messy, but I still have a lot of dried bottle gourd and seeds, maybe one day I'll need it ^^

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