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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter Essentializer ~ Review

Continued from previous post, I was posted about Nutrifull Shea Butter Cream, and this time I'll review about Nutrifull Shea Butter Essentializer, still one series with Nutrifull Shea Butter Cream.

This is the description on the Nutrifull Shea Butter Essentializer box :

Product Description :

Name : Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter Essentializer
Volume : 60ml
Ingredients : 5% of organic shea butter

- Contains 5% of organic shea butter + cloud berry.
- Multi skin care in 2 in 1 with essence and lotion.
- Smooth touch like whipped cream. 

How to use : After your skin or toner, at the essence stage, apply moderate amount according to skin texture.

* You don’t need to have additional lotion, as it is essence + lotion product.

The texture is like a milk, thick and creamy, soft fragrance like Nutrifull Shea Butter Cream

Nutrifull Shea Butter Essentializer quickly absorbed in my skin, its very moisturizing but not too glowy, perfect for normal-dry skin. Actually, my skin type is normal, but I like to wear Nutrifull Shea Butter product, because the product has a thick texture so it more lasting, not wear out too quickly. You can have good benefits of Shea Butter while saving money because Nutrifull Shea Butter can be used in a long period.

For dry skin, Nutrifull Shea Butter series would be better if used sequentially : Essentializer - Cream - Sleeping Pack
But if your skin is normal, you can use just one product, it doesn't matter :)

Product Name : Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter Essentializer
Rating : 9/10
Recommended : Yes
This product can be purchased at MY SHOP

Monday, November 25, 2013

Unconditionally Love

In these several days, I'm obsessed with the great song from Katy Perry "Unconditionally". I love this song because this song have a good MV, so elegant and classy, especially this song has a very deep meanings. "Unconditionally" means you'll love and accept him as he is. Its similiar with the song from Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are" but Unconditionally has a deep impression and more mature.

I want to presented it, not to humans, but for dogs. If I choose my BF then I would look too tacky hahaha >.<

That's not like that.. I think dogs love us as a dog owner unconditionally, dogs doesn't care who you are, the president or an artist or a bum, dog doesn't demand anything, dog love you for just the way you are, even though you're ugly or pretty. With they sincerity and loyalty, as the owner of the dog we are supposed to love our dog unconditionally too.

I don't care if the dog was beauty / ugly, cheap / expensive, mix breeder / rare breeder, I love all dogs in the world *hug*

But especially, I love my dogs at home ^^ picture with the words "Unconditionally Love" is my dogs, the other is my sister dogs.

The first dog is Oscar, mix bredder, I have him since he was born, Oscar is the son of my sister dog. Oscar represents my calm attitude

I made this for my facebook cover, I'll update my facebook soon ^^

Oscar already 7 years, he is always healthy and aggressive to catch mice >.<

The second dog is Ramon, mix bredeer, I have it when his age 2 months, my sister who gave Ramon.

Age Ramon now 4 years, Ramon represent my childish character >.<

This black dog is a Bona, mother of Oscar and Mely

This is Lexy, mini pincher, I do not know how old he is, this dog suddenly came to my sister home every day.

This is Mely, very similar to the Oscars, because she is the Oscar sister

Love your dog unconditionally <3

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kawaii Kimono Girl (=^.^=)

Normally I'm not a fan of anime, when I and my BF visited a toy store, I saw there is very cute anime action figure. Because this action figure price is cheap and the quality is good, then I buy it. This Kimono Girl series contains 3pcs only IDR 90,000 ^ ^

The face of first Kimono Girls are very funny, she bringing fan and her face like she was overexhausted because the weather is too hot.

The second Kimono Girls are have very cute face, standing with a innocent look.

The third Kimono Girls seemed to be walking around in the middle of a hot day, because she carrying her purse and in the other hands bring the fan.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Yellow Mirror ♥

My sister sell accessories,  yesterday she had wholesale shopping for her shop, one of the products that she bought is cute mirror, and my sister gave me 1 of the cute mirror. I chose the color yellow because it look fresh.

This cute mirror is small enough to be stored in the bag, and in the inside of the mirror there is a comb too.  No!!.. girl in the mirror is not me.. that photo was already there, as an example that you can put your photo inside the mirror.

How to put a picture in the mirror is very easy, maybe I'll put a picture of me hahaha .. Thanx you my lovely sister, i really love this mirror ♥

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mizzu Eyeliner Pen ~ Review

This eyeliner pen become popular lately , because it's easy to use and the price is very cheap. Some customers ask me, if I sell Mizzu Pen Eyeliner, many people think this eyeliner was korean or japanese brand.

Then I bought one Mizzu Eyeliner Pen from local onlineshop. The price is very cheap, only IDR 20,000 plus postage IDR 10,000. I'm not so sure with the price .. People say quality comes with the price. 
I bought a black color (Mizzu eyeliner have 2 color options, black and brown).

Mizzu is locally made in Indonesia. It says on the box that this eyeliner is waterproof and it took 30 seconds to dry perfectly for waterproof effect

Eyeliner with pen shape is easy to use, let test whether the results are good as well as the seller claims

I put the eyeliner in my hands, but the result is less pigmented, and less sharp, it took some time to apply to create deep black color. Okay let's wait 30 seconds for waterproof effect.

After 30 second..

I rub it to smudge test but its easily damaged

I spray the waters but it's not yet completely dry and it's faded everywhere >.<

I wipe with a tissue and it's easy to clean

I tried in my eyes, and within 1 hour.. Mizzu Eyeliner slowly faded, and in 2 hours disappear without a trace

Conclusion? This Mizzu Eyeliner is not recommended. Although it is only for daily use, because in 2 hours this eyeliner is disappear, Mizzu Eyeliner take a long time to dry (more than 30 seconds).

What can I expect from IDR 20,000 eyeliner >.< Not that I discredit all Indonesian local products, but this product is really bad, there are so many great local Indonesian cosmetic products, but not Mizzu Eyeliner.

The Seller also overstate claims the greatness of this product.

Product Name : Mizzu Eyeliner Pen
Rating : 5/10
Recommended : No

Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY ~ Painted Can

I love making things since i still in high school, at the time I make greeting cards, recycled paper, and photo frame. There are many things that I DIY (Do It Yourself), I could'nt photograph all the DIY steps i made, let's start with DIY painted can.

Food cans often wasted and rusty without any function, it is very wasted and unfortunate, so I decided to decorate the tin cans of sardines that I have at home.

Materials required: paint, brushes, clean can, thinner to clean brushes. And unused paper tp cover the floor (please ignore the crappy background paper)

I want a soft pink colorpaint but the store didnt have it, so I mix red paint and white paint

The beautifull soft pink color i made ^^

This is sardines can after painted, let it dry all day.

Once dried, let's decorative the cans. The first can I decorate with red polka-dot pattern, by using a doting tool.

Its very easy, just dip and dot ^^

The second cans also polkadot pattern, but the color is white

The third cans decorated with light blue lace

I give the four cans the black ribbon

The fifth cans I painted with black oil paint, is quite difficult and messy, because oil paint takes longer to dried. Before it dried, I repeatedly nudge the cans and damaging the patterns

Take a few days before the oil paint dry completely.

After all the paint and glue dried, this painted cans can be used for storing various items. For example, a flower vase..

The place for brushes or makeups

Placing a coins in this cans also nice idea ^^

Or it could be a place for storing candy, flower pots, stationery, etc

Come on girls, take advantage of useless stuff around you, it saves money ^ ^

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kimkim Shop Web is coming soon

I worked really hard to create Kimkim Shop website, during this month i always worked overtime so this web is quickly done. The goal is to make transactions easier and faster. I feel the Kimkim Shop buying system for this 3 years was unprofessional, so with this website, i hope the future systems will be neat and professional.

I made this web from scratch.. alone.. starting from buying hosting, domains, ecommerce template settings, theme settings, upload the product list, designing layout, etc
At the beginning, I was fooled by Arum Hosting , I've bought the hosting for 1 year and i only used for a month. Suddenly they declared the hosting is closed, my money is not returned, hopefully you guys can enjoy the tainted money from me -___-

I put so many effort for this website, please... for the customers.. use this website to orders when Kimkim Shop website is 100% finished.

For international buyers, you can order via the web and send your address to email :

The Story
I always put the picture of Pretty Girl and Black Cat, so.. what's the story behind this 2 characters?

The pretty girl is me..of course hahaha... the target market is girl, so i use pretty girl character as icons. This girl represents a cheerful, beautiful and fashionable.

What about the Black Cat? This cat named Kim-Kim, she is not my cat, i owned 2 superb male dogs, but not a cat. Kim-kim is my neighbour cat, she has small body, cute and always sun bathing on the roof. I choose her as icon because i want simple cute character and simple name for my shop, not only simple but the name has to be easy to remember like Miu Miu or Anna Sui brands.

Other meaning of "Kim" in Chinese language is a Gold, of course i want my bussiness is shiny and rich, just like a Gold hahaha... Any other meaning of "Kim"?
Yesss!! Kim is family name in Korea, some people thinks i'm from Korea with family name "Kim", they called me Ms.Kim or Ms.Kim Nana or Ms.Nana Kim. 

No.. i'm 100% from Indonesia with classic Indonesian name "Triana" and mainstream nickname "Nana"

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