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Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit Review

I've tried Cotton Fit BB Cream for almost 1 month and finally I had a chance today to make the review. This Cotton Fit BB Cream is the newest type of Etude House BB Cream. I received a lot of questions, what's the difference with a Bright Fit BB Cream. I will explain in this review.

Product descriptions :
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF30/PA + + Fit Cotton
2013 Brand NEW Etude House BB Cream!

Color Shade :
N02 Light Beige
W13 Natural Beige
W24 Honey Beige

- Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection + Anti-Darkening
- 3 Free: Paraben-Free, Free of Artificial dyes, Benzophenone Free
- Effectively cover skin defects such as pores and blemishes
- Baby mineral powder makes skin soft and fresh such as cotton
- Clean & Bright Pearl extract 16.5% and cotton veil powder makeup bright and healthy skin tone
- Micro sized transparent powder is lightly adhered and makes clean and smooth skin texture by forming slight makeup layer

Color shade I tried was the N02 (Light Beige) because my skin color is quite bright

Cotton Fit BB Cream packing is similar to Bright Fit BB Cream, a bottle with a pump like this is avoiding you accidentally took too much bb cream.
Wow .. the color is so bright .. I think Light beige color Cotton Fit BB Cream is brighter than Bright Fit BB Cream.
The results are very bright in my hand, maybe because I applying it too much. But on my face the result would be different, let's try the results on my face

As seen in the photo above, "Before" photo shows my "panda eyes" so bad. And in "After" photo shows Cotton Fit BB Cream cover my "panda eyes" pretty well.

What's the difference with Bright Fit BB Cream? From my experience:
1. Cotton Fit BB Cream is brighter colors
Although its same Light Beige shade, but Cotton Fit BB Cream is slightly lighter.
Are you afraid the result doesn't fit with the color of your skin? Lower one step color shade of the color shade you usually wear.
Or you can mix with the base, primer, cc cream, or foundation, bb cream thats have darker color shade.

2. Matte Finish Look
As they explain in the product description, Cotton Fit BB Cream containing the powder, so your face will look matte and feels soft like cotton. This BB cream doesn't have a glowing effect, you can mix with Nymph Aura Volumer if you want Glowy results.

This BB cream is waterproof, long lasting, has very good functionality Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection + Anti-Darkening, suitable for all skin types and has a lot of content (60g). I suggest you to have this BB Cream, this product can be purchased in MY SHOP


Thanks for the tips on how to make it match your shade! I have this BB cream, but it's currently way way way too dark for me. D:

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@June : wow.. your skin color must be very bright hahaha, I felt cotton fit a little too light in my skin, I often mix it with base / primer / cc cream to match the color of my skin, thanx for sharing your experience

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