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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween ^^

Most of the western countries celebrate Halloween, but we in Asia countries, probably not much people who celebrate Halloween, especially in Indonesia, we ussually don't celebrate Halloween, there are some places that celebrate, but not as the main event.

I'm a little jealous, I also want to attend at the Halloween Costume Party, it looks like a cute and fun that I could appear as something else hahaha

This is gothic makeup that I did last year, unfortunately this year I didn't have a time for Halloween themed makeup >.<

Etude House Sweet Recipe Base Choux #Peach ~ Review

Etude House always release products with sweet names, when Etude House introduces the Sweet Recipe Series, I think .. OMG I must have it all, but the Sweet Recipe Series product is very limited, when I bought it, there are so many that already sold out :(

Today review is Etude House Sweet Recipe Base Choux, the Official Ads from Etude House is very cute, Sulli f(x) looks pretty here :

Product descriptions :

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base SPF25 PA++
Volume: 25g

Ingredients : Dandelion extract and cotton ingredient.

- Make-up base that creates moisture inside and softness outside of skin.
- Base with full of moisture upgrades skin tone in one brighter tone.
- With its primer function, it remains soft make-up without shine for hours.
- Light and soft touch that feels like whipped cream melting on skin.
How to use : After your skin care, apply moderate amount and spread gently.

Baby Choux Base have a very cute packaging, the product jar made ​​from glass, quite heavy and you have to be careful as it could break when you dropped it.

Perhaps because of the glass packaging is quite risky, Etude House replace it with tube packaging.
I still prefer the old packaging, more cute ^ ^

Here's what you get, 1 jar of Baby Choux Base and 1 spoon to make easier to take the cream

Baby Choux Base that I choose is Peach color, hhmmmm the smell is very good, sweet fragrance and soft, like a sweet foods, I love it

The texture is very light and soft, reminds me of whipped cream. Therefore Sulli equate with whipped cream buns on the ads

This is the Before - After Baby Choux Base, Baby Choux Base brighten your face with light coverage. Baby Choux Base has the function of softening the skin and as a makeup base to make it more lasting. And for you who frequently have outdoor activity, Baby Choux Base has SPF 25 feature to protect your face from sunlight.

Baby Choux Base texture is very light, and there is powdery texture, the smell very scented, even if you cover it with powder / BB cream, you still can smell it

I think the Baby Choux Base results is similar to CC cream, but I prefer to wear Baby Choux Base because it's smelled soo good hahaha

There are several ways to wear Baby Choux Base :
- Baby Choux Base + BB Cream
- Baby Choux Base + C
- Baby Choux Base + Loose Powder / Powder Pact
- Just Baby Choux Base

There is my versions, or you have any other ideas? Create your own creations and share with me ^ ^

Product Name : Etude House Sweet Recipe Base Choux
Rating : 9/10
Recommended : Yes
This product can be purchased at MY SHOP

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sop Empal Bu Haryoko Muntilan ~ Review

Empal is spicy curry beef, sometimes serve with spicy brooth, sometimes served dried and cut into pieces.
When i go to Sendangsono with My BF and my friends, (read the story HERE) on the way home we stopped at Muntilan to eat. My friend said there was famous delicious empal soup at Muntilan.

This is the empal soup place, The Empal Soup Bu Haryoko, located next to the Muntilan Temple at Jln Veteran no.9 Muntilan.

This is atmosphere in the restaurant, quite clean and simple

It turns out this place has 2 menus, menu Empal Soup in the morning and Empal Gentong in the afternoon.
Because we get there at afternoon, so we ate Empal Gentong.

Actually Empal Gentong is similar to the Soto Madura I eat, but the meat softer and there is little sweet-savory flavor on meat.

In one portions contents a lot of meats, and empal broth taste so fresh. Price of 1 portion rice + empal + iced tea = IDR 17.000, a little pricey indeed, but comparable to the portions are plentiful and delicious taste

Restaurant Name : Sop Empal Bu Haryoko
Location : Jln Veteran no.9 Muntilan (next to the Muntilan Temple)
Rating : 9/10 
Recommended : Yes

Calzone Express ~ Review

For the fans of Italian Cuisine, you may be familiar with the Calzone. Calzone is a folded pizza, at first glance looks like a clam shell, but I think it is similar to pastel, I do not know whether there is a relationship between a Calzone and Pastel hahaha. But one of the free resources on the internet says that the origin of pastel is little confusing, i think, it could be inspired by Italian Calzone.

Calzone that will be reviewed today is Calzone Express, located at Jln Cendrawasih no.3, Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta.
This is the Calzone Express menu, pretty simple and not expensive :

Atmosphere in Calzone Express

The menu is also written on the board, recently cafes and dining venues decorate their place with chalkboard things.

This is what we get, calzone wrapped in paper.
Serving time is a bit long to wait, because we are there at the dinner hour and the atmosphere is very crowded.

I ordered a Beef Barbeque Baked Calzone, tastes good, like a pizza in general

My BF ordered Cheezy Cheese Baked Calzone, it feels delicious but monotone, because only the content of the Calzone is only cheese.

Things that makes me uncomfortable is because the place is small, and it's hard to park if you bring a car. Crowded atmosphere make serving time is long and the waitress a little less responsive.

The taste of the Calzone is delicious, although the portion is small, not big enough to fill a guy stomach.
Overall it's recomended a try, you may prefer to eat not at dinner time.

Restaurant Name : Calzone Express
Location : Jln Cendrawasih no.3, Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta.
Twitter : @calzonExpress
Facebook : calzonExpress
Contact : +62274 - 8538815
Rating : 7/10 
Recommended : Yes

Saturday, October 26, 2013

3W Clinic Professional Loose Powder (Palgantong) ~ Review

3W Clinic Professional Loose Powder become quite popular lately, I often read the descriptions from the random seller on internet, how much "great" this loose powder claims. Sellers said this loose powder can make your skin look amazing and make you beautiful like Korean Celebrities, honestly I think it's was a bit excessive.

I was curious, and decided to give it a try. The powder was initially branded Palgatong, but lately rumors says that Palgatong no longer manufactured, and turned into 3W brand.

On the box says "World Miss University" I didn't understand what its meant, it's written with Korean Language  >.<

I tried shade 21 (light). This 3W powder packaging is very simple, my sister says it's like dermatologist productions hahaha

Like any other loose powder, this powder has included puff

Remove the protective sticker

The result in my hand, the texture is soft, it smells soft too, the results are not so white, I think its good enough

Let's try on my face, I wear Etude Bright Fit BB Cream #n02 and I apply 3W Loose Powder as a finishing powder.

In conclusion, this
3W Loose Powder is good, soft texture and suitable as a finishing "the matte result" because the coverage is thin. This powder is suitable for you who :  

Don't like thick makeup, apply a moisturizer, sun block, and 3W Loose Powder. Paint the lips with Liptint, so your lips not look pale.

Or for you who like the matte effect, a lot of BB Cream have a glowy result, by using a powder brush, apply a thin layer of
3W Loose Powder so the result is a matte.

It is not amazing as
random seller on internet promised , but it's worth a try ^^

Be careful of fake goods, many Palgatong products recently sold too cheap, be sure you always buy original products. You only have one face, so treat your face carefully ^^

Product Name : 3W Clinic Professional Loose Powder
Rating : 8/10
Recommended : Yes
This product can be purchased at MY SHOP

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Body Shop Raspberry Eau De Toliette ~ Review

2 weeks ago i went to Semarang, because i left My Canon D1100 charger at my cousin's home when I stay there about 3 weeks ago. So i need to go to my cousin's home to pick my camera charger.

And the good news friends, Budi and Fifi also go to Semarang, and then I joined them hahaha

We stopped at the Paragon Mall, and we see The Body Shop counter is very crowded, apparently there was a discount sale, then I get there and decide to buy Raspberry Eau De Toliette.

Original price is IDR 159.000 and after the discounts IDR 129.000, yeahh.. not bad >.<

I'm interested in the dark pink color, and at the beginning i thought the perfume color is dark pink, but actually only the bottle are colored with dark pink

Raspberry Eau De Toliette smells like candy or juice, very sweet and fresh and adorable. Unfortunately the durability is not that long, only about 3-5 hours (depends on your activity)

Product Name : The Body Shop Raspberry Eau De Toliette
Rating : 8/10
Recommended : Yes
This product can be purchased at : All Body Shop counter at local mall

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How much you exist in the Cyberspace?

So.. because of BBM for all, I realize there is a new phenomenon i this world, there iis so many people shared their social media accounts, asking for peoples to add him / her as a friends.

For example :
"Hi .. please add my pin 7xxxxxxx" or "Hello .. please folow my twitter" and something like this: "My BBM is OFF, please add my line account".

This is a list of
popular social media / chat applications :
BBM @Blackberry
BBM @Iphone
BBM @Android
Yahoo Messenger
Web Blog (Blogspot, Wordpress)
Community Forum (Kaskus, Detik, Indowebster)

Should we exist in almost all social media / chat applications?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blackberry Messenger for all : Between Lover and Hater

NOTE : The picture above just for fun, i edited my old Nokia phone with photoshop, but BBM for Nokia phone is doesn't exist.

Hello Blackberry Hater (and Lover)

Just a news for you, RIM has been launched Official BBM for Android and Iphone few days ago, you can check it on your Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Can't find the applications? Maybe your device isn't compatible, because unfortunatelly.. this applications not avaliable for old Android or Iphone.

So, for Blackberry Hater that didn't have compatible device for trying Blackberry Messenger, you can cry while keep hating the Blackberry

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Etude House CC Cream Silky ~ Review

The trending makeups now is CC Cream, I've used CC Cream for 1 month and finally .. Here's my review of the CC Cream

There are so many brands that launched CC Cream products, both Korean Brand and USA Brand, or other brands around the world. Abbreviation of the CC Cream are also varied, some are calling CC Cream is "Ccorect and Care Cream", some says it "Color Control Cream" etc.

 Actually, what is the CC Cream? After trying 3 different brands of CC Cream, in my opinion, CC Cream is the BB Cream with moisturizer. BB cream contains moisturizers, but CC Cream contains more moisturizers, but the coverage is lighter than BB Cream. So CC Cream has both skin care effects and makeup effects.

The first review is the Etude House CC Cream Silky. I know .. Many of you are curious about the CC Cream

I choose the Silky type, i want the results on my face is matte.

Product description on the packaging :

CC Cream use Krystal Jung as a model, she an quite popular artist in Korea, she is the member of F(x) and recently starred in the drama series Heirs.

All of the CC Cream I tried is white colored cream with black spots, this black spots is bursting magic capsules containing moisturizer

At the first time I quite scared if this white colored cream will cause my face is unrealistic white

While using CC Cream, you need to rubbed your face over and over, until the white color gone and blend with your skin color. If you feel your face is not naturally white, it means you need to rub your face again

The result on my face is matte, not shiny, the Etude House says its "Silky Skin Texture". CC Cream makes my skin a bit brighter, with light coverage, you can see the pimple on my forehead is still visible. Sorry my face look pale without makeup >.<

This me with makeup ^.^
Honesty, I do not like using CC Cream without any mixture, CC Cream has a light coverage, it doesn't cover my panda eyes. Moreover, CC Cream takes extra time to rub rub and rub again..

I love to mix, I usually mix CC Cream with BB Cream, so the CC Cream coverage up.
You can mix it with BB Cream, Foundation, Nymph Aura, Highlighter to get the desired result.

Or if you like the naturally light look, just use CC Cream and finish it with a loose powder or compact powder, or use CC Cream and cover your blemishes or panda eyes with concealer.

Product Name : Etude House CC Cream Silky
Rating : 9/10
Recommended : Yes
This product can be purchased at MY SHOP

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick #9 ~ Review

If you liked make-up, do you realize that Korean Cosmetics has a different characteristics from USA Cosmetics? I noticed that USA Cosmetics frequently launched eyeshadow palette with many color variations, while Korean Cosmetics quite rare launched eyeshadow palette with many colors.

Etude House is one of Korean brand that rarely makes eyeshadow palette with many colors, it looks like Korean peoples didn't like makeup with a lot of colors in her eye.

So, our review today is the Bling Bling Eye Stick. Bling Bling Eye Stick is a cream eyeshadow stick, it's very easy to use.

This is the color catalog from Etude House website :

The color I chose was # 9, it's a yellow gold with shimmer 

A little messy in the beginning because of the tip is wide, because this is a cream eyeshadow, the Bling Bling Eye Stick are easily tidied with a finger.

Bling Bling Eye Stick #9 suitable for you who like simple make up like Korean style, just add eyeliner or apply dark brown eyeshadow for create simple gradation in your eyes.

Or, if you prefer to apply a few color gradations, Bling Bling Eye Stick #9 is suitable for use as base

Product Name : Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick #9
Rating : 8/10
Recommended : Yes
This product can be purchased at MY SHOP

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pepper Lunch ~ Review

Warning : This Post Maybe Will Be Bandwidth Killer (15 pcs Image)

Yogyakarta was substantially changed since the first time I came in 2001 ago, now expensive culinary popping everywhere, for example : Pepper Lunch. Maybe for you who live in Jakarta, Pepper Lunch is not that expensive, but the standard of food prices in Jogja, with only IDR 5000 in your hand, you're able to eat, so the Pepper Lunch quite pricey.

Pepper Lunch is a DIY steakhouse franchise restaurant  from Japan, popular in the Tokyo area. There are over 200 restaurants branch in Asia.

Let's take a look at pepper lunch menu :

From the picture, its looks tempting and unique, and Pepper Lunch have a different way of eating. We will get raw meat in the food, and we have to be stirring so the meat is fully cooked and seasoning butter mix well with the rice.

Location Pepper Lunch at Ambarukmo Plaza third floor, there is neon box contains a picture of the menu.

TThere is 1:1 replica of some best-selling menu

This is the food that we ordered:

Curry Beef Pepper Rice With Cheese
I ordered this because i interested with the cheese,
Curry Beef Pepper Rice With Cheese is
the rice that sprinkled with curry powder and mozzarela cheese , and given the raw beef around the rice. The meat will be cooked immediately because of the hot plate is very hot, while flipping through the meat fully cooked, the rice should also be stirred up so the flavors are well mixed.
I feel a little bit disappointed because portions of meat that we get not as much as in the picture, and the cheese only a little.

Beef Pepper Rice
This menu is almost the same as the
Curry Beef Pepper Rice With Cheese, but didn't use curry powder seasoning and mozzarella cheese. I think more delicious Beef Pepper Rice.

When the food came, we had to be careful because the hot plate is very hot, we were given a protective paper around the hotplate.

Protective paper that have instructions on how to eat Pepper Rice

We also ordered Green Tea Ice Cream. it feels like Ice Cone Mc Donald with green tea powder. It feels delicious, it's just that we expect the green tea ice cream that we get, can be more special

Some Javanese decorative on the wall

Posters with Japanese kanji writing

Atmosphere in Pepper Lunch

although the price is quite expensive but it's quite crowded

This is me ^.^

Restaurant Name : Pepper Lunch
Location : Ambarukmo Plaza Yogyakarta, Third Floor
Website :
Contact : +62-274-433-1111
Operation Hours : 10.00 - 22.000
Rating : 7/10 
Recommended : Yes

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