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Friday, May 31, 2013

My Rilakkuma Stuff

Rilakkuma is cute bear character, creations by San X. I like it a lot, not crazy in love, but i can say that i like Rilakkuma more than Hello Kitty. So i bought 2 Rilakkuma stuff

Left : Rilakkuma Flash Disk 8GB, i bought IDR 87.500 the brand is Q flash (this brand have so many cute character flash disk, but my fav is rilakkuma)

Right : Rilakkuma Portable Speaker, this speaker is cheap, only IDR 35.000, the quality is equal with the price, i just love the rilakkuma, not expecting so much with the sound quality >.<

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Dation Review

25 May is Vesakh day, and i took a day off, so i have spare time to do review photoshots, actually i have several reviews but i will post it one by one later, start with Etude House Precious Mineral BB Dation. I sell it in My Shop : for IDR 160 (around $16.3)

Descriptions :

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Dation SPF 40/PA+++
Volume  : 30g

Revolutionary Formula BB dation, a new revolutionary face make-up product that combines the perfect seamless fitting of BB Cream and luminous coverage of Foundation, its formula contains mineral powder coated with Hydro Essence Gel that nourishes and brightens complexion. Application of this makeup makes skin appear healthier, smoother, and dramatically refined.

This product is includes in Dolly Series, which is not only use Sandara Park as a models but use the famous Youtube Artist Dakota Koti. Some picture from this product :

OK start with my review.. Start with bare face, no makeup >.< my face look so pale -___-

Picture of the BB Dation :

I Pick W13 shade (Natural Beige), the texture is more like liquid foundations, not like ussual BB cream, because this BB Dations is BB Cream + Foundations. Ussually BB cream texture is thick.

Result in my hand :

At the first time it look too bright in my skin, but slowly its blends so well in my skin. This BB dations have glowy effects, make your skin like sweating a little, for oily skin or people who dont like glowy effects, i suggest you to use loose powder or finishing powder.

The coverage is medium, stronger than BB cream but  not too strong. I still can see my red pimple >.< so i put Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Stick Concealer #W13 to help hiding my pimple and my panda eyes

I recommended this BB Dation for semi formal event, but if you looking for thick coverage maybe you can put foundation before BB Dation, or use double BB Dation. My opinions maybe different with other people its  depends on skin conditions, my sister try it and she doesn't like the result in her face, she still prefer BB cream than BB Dation

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1500pcs Fimo Order

I am very tired today.. I'm not feeling well.. a slight fever maybe.. I work overtime to finished 1500pcs fimo nail art order. 
Just in case, if you don't know.. that finished fimo orders is not easy as blinked your eyes, this stuff is smalls and have so so so many models, i really have to be carefull so i wont made a mistake.

Sometimes customers don't want to know, they want the order finished and ship at the same day, i understand what they feels.. i would really happy to do that, if i can.. of course.. but sometimes orders are overloaded, even if i work overtime i still can't finished all orders.
I try my best to fulfill costumers request, but sometimes they need to understand that human have a limits too

Just my thought.. too many sometimes.. i need to sleep and take some medicine now..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Geo Xtra Diamond Brown Lens Review

My favourite lens brand is GEO, because the price is cheap, lot of variety models and colors, comfortable to wear, and can be use until one year.

Today i want to review Geo Xtra Diamond. I buy this lens twice, first color is blue and second color is brown. Why i love this lens? because the pattern is beautifull like diamond shining and this lens have large eye effect.

Geo Xtra Diamond Descriptions :
Usage : 1 Year
Diameter : 15 mm
Water Content : 38%

Very nice pattern isn'it?

This lens are very comfortable, i can wear it all day ( 10-12 hours), emmm.. i think all of GEO lens are comfortable to wear all day, doesn't matter the water contents, but this maybe different for another peoples, its also depend on your eyes is sensitive or not.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello Kitty Decoden

One of my friend ordering decoden handphone case, she want the result of her case full covering rhinestone, and the color theme is red, black and white.

At the first time, i didn't want to take documentation, but my friend ask me to sent the photo while i'm working it, here is the photo (please ignore the ugly background >.<)



I adding some of etude make up in photo, because its very cute packaging designs. I sell it in My Shop IDR 150.000 (USD 15.4), decoden case is made by orders, ussually takes a week to finish.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kimkim Shop Blog

So so long time ago since i create Kimkim Shop Blog :
I only upload 3 posts about fimo and then i completly forget about it >.<

After i focusing to my new blog (this blog) last night i upload new post again about fimo, not expecting anything actually, only for advertise my shop, if you interested in nail art, makeup, softlens and cellphone decoden, you can visit My Shop at FB

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Etude Dear Darling Tint Review

I thought review makeups would be easy, and i feel very wrong -___-
I need lots lots of preparations if i want the results is perfect, photoshots should be taken at morning / noon so the photos result would be in good quality, sharp, and clear.

This tint review taken at 11am and you cant imagine how hot the weather while that time, my sweats keep falling during photoshots, i hope the results is good >.<

I pick #1 Red Berry which is hot pink colour, you can't see difference while still in the bottle, all colours of dear darling tint shade seems like dark red, but after apply in your lips, you can see the real color is.

The texture is like gel, and the colour is very deep, you should apply a little if you don't want your lips look to dark. I recommended you to use lip brush to better results. Staying power is good, more than 5 hours, after eat the color still stay on your lips, but i think its better if you re-apply or put some lip balm / lip gloss.

I decided to add lip gloss, because i like my lips look wet and blink blink hahaha.. I use Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #6, this gloss already discontinued, but Etude replace it with Dear Darling Milky Gloss (no glitters) and  Dear Darling Crystal Gloss (with glitters)

Interested to try? Of course i sells it on My Shop ^^

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mataram Marching Band at 4.30 am

So.. i heard sound of Marching Band  at 4.30 am yesterday.. The sound is static, like group of peoples beat drums with the same movement..

Scary moment is, nobody would take fu*king excercise while everyone is still sleeping. This is not normal.. And then i ask my friends who live near my house, ussually he is still awake until 5 or 6 am, and he is not hearing anything.

Then, I do a little research, i ask my friends who stay at Jogja, i ask my friends who originally born in Jogja, i do ask I heard and read some mystical myth about it. I'm not alone, those things are "normal" in Jogja. Some people not only hearing drumband sound, but heard gamelan orchestra, horse drawn carriage, sinden singing ( sinden is singer in wayang puppet ), all strange sound is from ancient age.

Some people heard it at noon, but mostly heard at early morning, only certain peoples can hear and it be heard from all corners of the city with the same volume. If you focusing (and feel scary) the sound become weaken, but if you not focusing, the sound become louder.

Some myth about ancient sound in Jogja :

The sound comes from the drumband special forces guards of Jogja areas on patrol, but not visible to the human eye, only some people will heard it. This ussually called "Mataram Marching Band"

2. The sound is Nyi Roro Kidul guards (Mystic Queen of the Southern Ocean Javanese) who is heading the Mount Merapi from South Sea or vice versa

3. If you immigrant who lived at Jogja, and hearing this sound, you'll live at Jogja forever or you would never ever be able to forget Jogja. You'll always wanted to come back to visit Jogja

Its just a myth, i dont know the real truth is, but the fact is i already heard Mataram Marching Band 3 times.

The second one is very strange, at 4am i heard it, and i called my father, he wakes up to pee, but he didnt hear anything, the moment when my father trying to hear, that moment the sounds is dissapear.

So i go to sleep, and at the morning my mother says that she is hear it too, after i go to sleep, the sound is appears again, but father didn't hear anything

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Etude Mini Sets, Gifts, and Samples (Part 3)

Samples and mini sets is best options if you want to try some product but worried about quality or didn't suit your skins

I try almost all of samples and mini kits that suppliers give, so i didnt have all picture, but i still sells some of samples and mini kits i had in My Shop

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frank Wurst Review

Last satuday night me and my BF decided to try Frank Wurst, my friend says this restaurant is recommended to try. This restaurant is located in Jl. Sabirin 22 Kotabaru, Jogja, right next to Omah Mode. (Frank Wurst Twitter : @frankwurstjogja )

I didnt take detailed picture of this restaurant because at saturday night, that place is crowded, and i a little bit shy to take photos >.<  The place is cozy actually.. but when we get there, groups of teenagers celebrate sweet seventeen birthday, so i think its noisy, lets take a look of menu list :

(Choose your vegetable, potato and sauce)

But the price..hmm.. little bit expensive i think..  i hope the taste is delicious...

I tried Beef Cheese (with seasonal sauted vegetables, mashed potato, cheese cream, female portion) and my BF tried Beef Bockwurst (with creamy spinach, wedges, champignon, female portion)

 Beef Bockwurst

Beef Cheese

The taste is worth it! Its delicious, my beef cheese taste so cheesy ( i fu*king love cheese), creamy cheese sause is great. Beef bockwurst taste delicious too, potato wedges is crispy. You should try sometimes, but not too often hahahaha

Bonus photo.. me and my order ^o^v

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pandora Vanilla Shake Review

About a month ago i bought this lens and i can say this is my favourite lens right know. The pattern is unique, and have very big diameter 19,5mm, at the first time i was scared this lens would'nt fit to my eyes, but after i wear it, it look a like 15mm diameter, make eyes bigger but no too full at all.

I bought pink color but its more green than pink, yes its have pink lines in the motif but green lines is more dominant, but its ok..i love green lens too

Catalog Photos :

Pandora Vanilla Shake Spesifications :
Minus : 1- 8
Water Content : 52%
Diameter :

Interested to try? I sell it at My Shop

Monday, May 20, 2013

Etude Mini Sets, Gifts, and Samples (Part 2)

So.. why part 2? its because i haven't done editing my photo hahaha. i've been so busy and tired lately, so many work i havent done yet, so i dont have so much time to maintenance my blog

I'll explain one by one,
First the Etude Pink Owl, this is handphone stand, which mean you can fold it to stand your handphone, i didnt try it yet because ussually i dont use handphone stand, but if you curious, i sell it on My Shop.

Second (right), this is Etude Paper Bag, i get this a lot from supplier, ussually i give it to my customer for free

Third (bottom), this is Etude Doll Doll Ballpoint, i only have it one, it just regular ballpoint, nothing specials, except the collor is pink and designs is cute girl.

I got several bags too.. actually i got 5 bags, but i already give 2 bags to my sisters. This bags are quite usefull, i use the hot pink bag (left) for buying groceries at carrefour

Upcoming Post :   Etude Mini Sets, Gifts, and Samples (Part 3)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blackberry Messenger V.8 (Beta) Review

I'm very surprised by enthusiasm of the readers of the BBM 8, i havent try it yet, because i affraid it will run slowly and still have so many bugs, so i ask my friend who worked at Selular Shop, he is already installed yesterday. And here is i presented Blackberry Messenger 8 review :

My friend use Blackberry Onyx 2 with OS 6. Like i said in previous post, i strongly recommended you to :
1. Have account at Beta Zone
2. Have Blackberry ID
3. Fast connections, Wi-fi connections is better

 Recent update bar too big, not so comfortable to see

After installing BBM 8, your blackberry will run so slowly, trackpad not so responsive, but after few hours it will stabilize. Chat feature with another contacts is normal, but when trying another feature like channels, groups, updates, feels a little bit slowly.

For channel features, my friend said he is not to understand to use it, still difficult to create too.

I will keep updating about BBM 8, see u in another posts ^o^v

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Etude Mini Sets, Gifts, and Samples (Part 1)

I love my jobs, not only because i'm a girl who loves make up and nail art, but because suppliers often giving me free stuff. And now i want to show some of free gifts that suppliers gave me, some of them already sell at my shop, some i giving it to my friends or my sisters,and many of it i use hahaha ^^

Detailed View :

Pocket Mirror

Sweet Recipe Pocket Mirror

Sweet Recipe Makeup Pouch

Supplier also frequently giving me mask sheet, here is photo of mask i have now, most of them i use it for my self ^^

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