Friday, May 24, 2013

Mataram Marching Band at 4.30 am

So.. i heard sound of Marching Band  at 4.30 am yesterday.. The sound is static, like group of peoples beat drums with the same movement..

Scary moment is, nobody would take fu*king excercise while everyone is still sleeping. This is not normal.. And then i ask my friends who live near my house, ussually he is still awake until 5 or 6 am, and he is not hearing anything.

Then, I do a little research, i ask my friends who stay at Jogja, i ask my friends who originally born in Jogja, i do ask I heard and read some mystical myth about it. I'm not alone, those things are "normal" in Jogja. Some people not only hearing drumband sound, but heard gamelan orchestra, horse drawn carriage, sinden singing ( sinden is singer in wayang puppet ), all strange sound is from ancient age.

Some people heard it at noon, but mostly heard at early morning, only certain peoples can hear and it be heard from all corners of the city with the same volume. If you focusing (and feel scary) the sound become weaken, but if you not focusing, the sound become louder.

Some myth about ancient sound in Jogja :

The sound comes from the drumband special forces guards of Jogja areas on patrol, but not visible to the human eye, only some people will heard it. This ussually called "Mataram Marching Band"

2. The sound is Nyi Roro Kidul guards (Mystic Queen of the Southern Ocean Javanese) who is heading the Mount Merapi from South Sea or vice versa

3. If you immigrant who lived at Jogja, and hearing this sound, you'll live at Jogja forever or you would never ever be able to forget Jogja. You'll always wanted to come back to visit Jogja

Its just a myth, i dont know the real truth is, but the fact is i already heard Mataram Marching Band 3 times.

The second one is very strange, at 4am i heard it, and i called my father, he wakes up to pee, but he didnt hear anything, the moment when my father trying to hear, that moment the sounds is dissapear.

So i go to sleep, and at the morning my mother says that she is hear it too, after i go to sleep, the sound is appears again, but father didn't hear anything


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