Thursday, December 5, 2013

Miss Your OLD Blackberry Messenger? Downgrade to BBM 7 and BBM 6 here

Do you heard about the New Version Blackberry Messenger 8? And you already installed it? And now, you miss your older version of your Blackberry Messenger? I heard a lot about how S*CK the new Blackberry Messenger 8, i installed in 2 different Blackberry device, and for one Blackberry, i decide to back to the old Blackberry Messenger 7.

Do you feel s*ck to? here is the solutions to Downgrade your BBM :

1. Uninstall your Blackberry Messenger 8 (make sure you have Blackberry ID and you remember your email and password)
2. Backup your Blackberry Device by using Blackberry Desktop Software (dont forget to backup your device regullarly)
3. Reinstalled with older versions of Blackberry Messenger(Version 6 or 7)

Use your Google to find link to download Blackberry Messenger 6 or 7, i using this link for my Blackberry OS 6 and worked :

I found that link here : (indonesian language)

Sorry for international reader, i didn't save url with English language >.<


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