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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A&W Voucher Review

I really forgot to review this voucher, 2 month ago my sister gave A&W Voucher like this :

Actually i not a fast food fans, i think fast food prices are not comparable with the taste. There are so many other food options with the price is equivalent to fast food but have unique flavors and delicious too.  
But i like A&W Root Beer, and it's discount voucher, so why not? Me and My BF tried couple set (mark with yellow line)

And here is what we got :
- 2pcs Root Beers in big glass
- 2pcs Burger
- 1pc Chicken Nugget
- 1pc Chicken Soup

As usual, the burgers doesn't look as good as the promotional photo. Even so, the burger actually has the same contents as an promotional photo. Taste? I can say the taste is good.

How about the soup? the taste is good but no so specials

Because i buy using voucher, of course the price is cheap, A&W Root Beer taste is great, because i like it very much, for burgers, nuggets and soup? The taste is good. But i think its just like any other fast food.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Etude House - Styling Eye Liner Review

Today review is : Etude House - Styling Eye Liner. Yappp...Another eyeliner review hahaha this is eyeliner for bottom eye, i'm so curious because the price is cheap.

The Product Descriptions : Styling Eye Liner promotes crisp, clear and prominent lines perfect for making your eyes stand out!

This eyeliner have 3 color to choose, Black, Brown, and White, i choose White, because i'm not sure the this cheap eyeliner is waterproof and long lasting.

Styling Eye Liner is auto pecil type, it's mean that you can rotate the bottom to raise the pencil. Unfortunatelly this eyeliner not included sharpener. You can use regular sharpener, that's doesn't really matter.

The result in my eyes, not too pigmented, the color is gilttery white, a little bit like silver. Not waterproof, easily to fade, last only 1-3 hours depend on your skin type and your activity. I think eyeliner is suitable for beginners who want to try bling bling eyeliner.

This is the result in my face, not so bad actually.. not so clear to see, but i thinks its suitable for everyday makeup

Friday, July 26, 2013

Etude House - Drawing Show Creamy Liner BK802 Review

Wanna look a like KPOP artist? You should wear bold eyeliner. Eyeliner have functions to fix your look. not only sharpen your eye, but make you eye look bigger. KPOP artist ussually wear bold eyeliner to make sexy and sharp eyes.

I wear eyeliner almost everyday, not only because i'm obssessed to try different type and brands of eyeliner, its because i have so many eyeliners in my room >.<  Naturally i have double eyelids, but i still want my eyes look bigger hahahaha

I choose classic black color BK802, because this color is perfect in any eyeshadow colors or in any skins shade. The packaging is look so unique and cute, pinky color theme is look very girly. The box have english descriptions too.

This is what you will get : 1 jar creamy eyeliner, and 1 eyeliner brush. The jar and brush designs is similiar the previous Etude House Creamy Eyeliner : Code B, only change logo and name. Ahhh.. they adding more color shade..
Drawing Show Creamy Liner have 4 color to choose : BK801 (black fast dry), BK802 (classic black), BK803 (Grey), BR410 (Brown)

I remove pinky color background, because not like the outer box, the real product theme color is black 

Product descriptions:
Cream eyeliner with intense color and smooth texture adheres to supply WATERPROOF definition and enhanced eye expression. Comes with brush. Cream textured eyeliner supplies smooth, adhesion for long lasting smoky eyes.

So.. the product claims is waterproof, let's test it.. I spray some waters, and as you can see in the picture below, this eyeliner is waterproof

Waterproof makeup best cleanser is oil type, i use Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture. But that's means this eyeliner will smudge during the time for people who have oily skin.

This is me, wearing Drawing Show Creamy Liner BK802 (i'm wearing wig too >.<). The characteristic is almost same with the pencil eyeliner, like i said in Drawing Show Creamy Pencil Review. This eyeliner is have long staying power and waterproof. I wear it in the daytime and at night, of course it's more durable at night, because your skin will be less oily than in the daytime. 
I suggest you have small pouch in your bag, to store your emergency makeup, like cotton buds, oil paper, tissue, powder pact, lipstick / lipgloss, eyeliner pencil

But overall, this eyeliner is must-have items, don't worry to apply eyeliner using brush, it's not that difficult (´ ' ' `)/~~

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Co-Cow Milk (Jln. Moses Gatotkaca) Review

I love milk very much, I always trying different variants of milk, so oday i'm going to review Co-Cow Milk. Co-Cow Milk locations in Jl Moses Gatotkaca B19-20, Jogjakarta, You would'nt be hard to find Co-Cow Milk. I'm going to Co-Cow Milk several times, and this is collection of photos from the menu that me and my BF ordered :

1. Jungle Milk (IDR 7000)
This is mix fruits, ice and milk. Taste is great, so refreshing. Colorful bubble on top of the milk is bubble jelly. Fruity taste is stronger than milk taste. I don't think they use a lot of milk compositions. But the taste is great, there's nothing to complain ^^

2. Cappucino Special (IDR 10.000)
This is mix between coffee, ice and milk. For toppings, they put a dice-shaped pieces of bread, milk chocolate sauce, grated cheese and chocolate chips. Trust me, this milk make your stomatch full, because of the breads. But overall, the taste are great too.

3. Banana Milk (IDR 7000)
I don't really remember with these menu, because i've tried it a long time ago. For fruity taste milk, they always put colourfull jelly bubble.

4. Orange Milk (IDR 6000)
The taste is so fresh, just like jungle milk, but the taste is simpler.

5. Fried Bread : Chocolate (IDR 7000)
The portions is big, my stomach is so full >.< wait.. the portions with bread toast is actually same, but why the fried one is make me feel so full? Ahhh.. i think because when they fried it, they adding egg and bread crumbs.
The taste is delicious, but i think i should share it with my BF next time i ordered hahaha

6. Bread Toast : Cheese (IDR 7000)
Delicious, just like any other Bread Toast, there's nothing to complain hahaha

Co-Cow Milk Menu List :

Co-Cow Milk is pleasant place for dating or sharing with friends, the atmosphere was quite cozy, not so crowded. Overal the menu taste is good, and the price is also not expensive. Operation hours : Mon - Fri 13:00 to 23:00 and Saturday 13.00-24.00. Sunday Closed

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Soto Madura Cak Alim (Jln.Solo) Review

Its been a long time since the last time I ate at Soto Madura Cak Alim, probably its 2 years ago. Because Soto Madura Cak Alim stalls only open in the morning-afternoon, and since I was busy with kimkim, I don't have time to eat at Cak Alim. Yesterday, me and my BF went to Acer Service Center to pick up my laptop and on the way home we stopped at Cak Alim  ^.^~ yaaayyy... Soto Madura Cak Alim is located at Jln.Solo KM 8,5 Yogyakarta, right across the Djava Store.
This is what i order : Soto Daging (my BF ordered same menu)

This is their menu, actually we never tried another menu except "Soto Daging" (beef meat) because we don't like jeroan (beef offal).

As you can see in the first photo, there's a lot of meat in the bowl, not just the portion is a lot, but the taste also very delicious, its meat is tender and the broth taste fresh. The price is also quite cheap IDR 9000 for Soto Daging, IDR 2000 for a plate of rice, IDR 2000 for ice tea. Very recommended to try ^^

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rilakkuma Key Chain

This is another Rilakkuma stuff i had, yesterday me and my BF go to Ambarukmo Plaza, and accidentally we found this Rilakkuma keychain in a accesories store on the 3rd floor, because rilakkuma very cute, and the price is not expensive, so i buy it hahaha >.<

The price is IDR 22.500, i forgot the store name, but its located in 3rd floor, near escalator

I want to collect all Rilakkuma stuff hahaha

I don't use it as keychain, but i attached it in my bag, so cute and adorable ^.^~

Sunday, July 21, 2013

☀ Summer On The Beach Decoden Theme ☀

Lately i've been very busy because orders of decoden case is overloaded, and here is the simplest decoden i made. Customer want simply decoden case for Blackberry 9700, the theme is blue dolpin, and she says i can make whatever i want as long is beautifull.

This season is summer, so the theme i made is Summer On The Beach

Material i use :
1. Blue color deco
2. Blue Glitters (to make blinged ocean waves)
3. White Blackberry 9700 case
4. Various color and size rhinestone
5. Rhinestone pencil (to pick rhinestone)
6. Toothpick (to put glue in the deco / case)
7. JRE6000 Glue
Yappp it's not E6000 glue but JRE6000, some kind fake ones from China, but don't judge by it's cover.. JRE6000 have similiar clear texture with E6000, the quality is good too. Even the smell is similiar. The price? of course JRE6000 glue is cheaper.

To make blinged ocean waves, i put glue in the case, and spread glitters on top. Repeat it until the glitters look solid.

Taa-raaa.. this is the final result ^^ i sell this case in MY SHOP IDR 70.000

Friday, July 19, 2013

Planet Popcorn - Gift from my bestie ♥

My bestie, her name is Jiling, i usually call her Jilz, a few days ago she is vacation to Malaysia and gave me some stuff as souvenirs. Here is the what she gave me :

1. Planet Popcorn (Nori Flavour)
This popcorn is quite popular in asia country, i heard this popcorn originally from Taiwan, freshly handmade, no preservatives and low fat. Actually this popcorn is already sells in Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta, but i haven't visiting jakarta lately. 
The portions is big, the taste is unique, because base taste is sweet, i think its caramel taste, but covered with nori which is salty.
2. Nature Republic Given By Flower Mask Sheet 2pcs
Jilz said she buys it because it on sale hahaha.. I haven't used this mask sheet, look at the packaging, i think its quite promising products.

3. Fruity Candy 6pcs (Strawberry & Grape Flavour)
There's nothing to complains, the taste is sweet but have sour core. Nice taste ^^

Etude House - Drawing Show Creamy Pencil Review

Looking at the statistic of popular posts on my blog, it's seem readers love about eyeliner pencil, and actually i love creamy pencil eyeliner too.. because mostly creamy pencil eyeliner is waterproof, long lasting and easy to use. So today i'm gonna review Etude House - Drawing Show Creamy Pencil RD301

This eyeliner color code is RD301 its means that this color contains red color, but not bloody red or chili red, its browny red with nice glittery effects.

When i try to smudge it with my finger, its smudge a little, you can still have nice smoky effects or just apply it as usual.

Good quality eyeliner is waterproof and have a long staying power, so the first basic test is waterproof test, i spray water on my hand, and as you can see, the waters is doesn't make any change.

The second basic test is oily skin test, most of people in tropical country have problem with oily skins, i know you feel it too.. oily skins make any makeup wear off easily. So i put a little baby oil in my hand, and put cotton puff on top. The color is a little absorbed on cotton puff, it's means this eyeliner will slowly wear off if your skins is oily type.

If this creamy pencil eyeliner is waterproof, so how to clean it? Its easy.. waterproof makeup is easy to cleaned using oil type cleanser. Cleansing cream is also good to clean waterproof makeup, but i think the best is using cleansing oil. I use Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture, and as you can see in the picture, Drawing Show Creamy Pencil is perfectly cleaned.

TIPS : If you don't have cleansing oil, you can use baby oil too ^^

Drawing Show Creamy Pencil RD301 in my eyes..

What it looks like this when my eyes closed.

I love this eyeliner pencil, waterproof, easy to use, and long lasting. I wear it in daylight about 6 hours, and when i look at my self in the mirror, my eyeliner still looking good. For people with oily skins, maybe this eyeliner will smudge a little, just use cotton bud or tissue to wipe it and put a little pact powder, your make-up will look great. 

Oooppss..Sorry..I forgot to tell you.. this eyeliner pencil is not auto pencil type, that's means you need sharpener to create the pointy end.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Etude House - Dear My Jelly Lips-talk Review

What do you think when you heard "Jelly" ? I think jelly is something sweet and colorful, so i'm curious to try the Dear My Jelly Lips from Etude, this lipstick is from "Sweet Recipe" Series

Descriptions :
Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips-talk
Volume: 3.4g

Ingredients : 5 kinds of botanical Extract (Bilberry, Sugar cane, Sugar maple, Orange, Lemon), Xylitol

- Jelly coating shiny lips.
- Clear bright color
- Moisturized and high quality gloss.
- Sweet Jelly scent
This product i sells in MY SHOP

Official Picture From ETUDE :

I choose bright yellow collor JBE101, because i'm curious why etude have color like this, and how the results when i used on my lips.

As you can see in the picture, this lipstick is not pigmented, just a little yellow color and its like a lip gloss with glitter. The smells is fruity, it's reminds me of 55 kissfull tint chou.

The result in my lips, not so glossy, just a little blink blink because the glitters, and feels a powdery in my lips and in my tongue, maybe its because the glitters, i don't know..

I can't use this product as a lipstick, because it's not pigmented, i can use it as a base coat before liptint or top coat after another lipstick applied on my lips. I don't know the results of another colors from Dear My Jelly Lips, because i  haven't try it yet, but i will review it if i already try it.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Despicable Me 2 Review (2013)

I know these days people like the characters Minions in Despicable Me movie, yes.. they are so funny and cute. But minions is not the only reason i watch Despicable Me, i think these movie have great story and this movie is great family comedy. I already watch Despicable Me 1, so when Despicable Me 2 is playing at theather, i watch it too.

Descriptions from IMDB :
Tittle : Despicable Me 2 (2013)
Durations : 98 min
Genre : Animation | Comedy | Crime
IMDB Rating : 7.8
Synopsis : Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help deal with a powerful new super criminal.

Directors: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud
Writers: Ken Daurio (screenplay), Cinco Paul (screenplay)
Stars: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt 

Some pictures from the movie :

Despicable Me 2 have new character, her name is Lucy, she is Gru patner

She is funny and nice person, but sometimes she is doing several silly things

Just like the first movie, Gru is love his three lovely kids so much, even they is adopted

My Review :
If you like minions, if you like the first movie, and if you looking for great animation comedy movie, YOU GOTTA LOVE THIS MOVIE, seriously.. watching Despicable Me 2 is very enjoyable, this movie made me laugh so many times.

Maybe some of you will think animations movie is childish and it's just for kids, but as adult you can enjoyed watching Despicable Me 2, this movie is very funny and i think it's better than Despicable Me 1.

Visual graphics were incredible. Whole movie is very vibrant and colorful. The characters and background also very detailed.

Sound effects is great too, you will love the sounds of minions, so cute, not very clear to hear, but you will understand what they speaks. 

The story is for kids actually, you don't need to think, just watch and laugh. Don't ever to think logically because this is fantasy comedy movie, sometimes you will aware the character is stupid or no logic, but that's make this movie so funny

My BF ussually not a fans of animations movie but he is laughing so many times, he is really enjoyed this movie

Conclusions : Simple, silly, lovely, funny and adorable cute comedy family movie

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