Saturday, June 29, 2013

Magnum Cafe Yogyakarta Review

*Warning! Bandwith Killer 13pcs images*

Today i'm gonna review ice cream (again) (^.^) Do you know Magnum Ice Cream by Walls? I think almost everyone knows about the popular Magnum Ice Cream, and so many people is curious about Magnum Cafe (Walls Magnum already opened Magnum Cafe at Jakarta). So when i heard in Magnum Cafe is opening at Yogyakarta too, i can't wait to try this soo popular Magnum Ice Cream cafe.

So.. where is Magnum Cafe in Yogyakarta? You can see the address in their menu below :

You can see in the photo, this place is not MAGNUM CAFE but AMBARUKMO MAGNUM RESTO. This means that this place is Restaurant that use magnum ice cream as their main theme, and this place have so many foods and beverages to choose beside Magnum Ice Cream.

Ah.. there is the menu of Magnum Ice Cream. A little bit shocked with the price? Hahaha me too.. so me and my BF decided to try ordered only one ice cream. We a little bit affraid if taste is not so great or not worthed with the price.

Here is what i ordered High Grape Peach (IDR 55.000) :
(They said its High Grape but in the bill its written Peach Shelba, that weird because i didn't see in the menu Peach Shelba)


This photo below is not smoking area, cozy and look a like regular cofee shop. We choose smoking area because the interior is more interesting.

Whoaa.. the chairs is look a like Giant Magnum Ice hahaha (^^)/

They displayed the antique horse carriage with Magnum Logo on it :

The mirror in the toilet is look so beautiful and unique :

I expected this place is original Magnum Cafe like in Jakarta, but i think its not, this place is Restaurant with Magnum Theme. The interior of this place is very nice, unique and comfortable atmosphere for hanging out with friends, family or with a girl/boyfriend.

Because this Restaurant is still new, the situations is not so crowded, you can walk around and take some photos. I'm pretty sure, so many spot in this place to support your narcissism instinct hahaha (^o^)

Magnum ice cream that i odered (High Grape Peach) taste is delicious, this dessert is a regular vanilla ice cream, peach fruit, and Strawberry Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream put on the top. But there's one things that i don't like, the ice is too quickly melt >.<

I feel a little bit disappointed actually.. because the price of course.. its expensive (on opening promo, they have 10% discount) This place is using Magnum as a theme, but they only have little variation magnum ice cream menu, i meam..this place have giant magnum seat, unique magnum themed carriage, and the restaurant name is using word "magnum", but there's only small picture and no detail descriptions magnum ice creams dessert on the menu list.


harga magnum cafe sudah bisa d tebak.. :-) tp masih mending harga magnum cafe dari pada hagen dazs cafe di amplaz..

tq buat info magnum cafenya

@peak : belum pernah coba haagen dazs cafe, soalnya pasti harganya lebih fantastis hahaha thx for the comment

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