Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hamster.. Love is destiny..

Love is destiny.. I never thought in my mind, that I will adopt Hamster as a part of my family. I interested to adopt Turtle or Fish, beside 2 dog I had before.

But destiny took me to another path.. One day after I had a dinner with my bf, I saw little mouse in the front of my house, ussually mouse will run away if human see them, but this mouse keep looking at me, like saying "please give me some food".
So I come closer to that little buddy, and I so surprise that mouse is actually a Hamster. Later i know that Hamster I found is Russian Dwarf type.

Quickly I grab a bucket and capture the Hamster, that's not difficult, looks like he run away from previous master and now he is hungry (later I know that he is male).

I have no idea what is hamster ussually eat, I search at google, the say hamster ussually eat seed, I only have rice, so I give him a rice. He is eat so quickly, its like he is very hungry

In the next morning, I go to animal market at Bantul, Yogyakarta (PASTY) buy him a cage, food, wood shaving, and another Hamster as his wife.This is the cage, and his new wife..

There is the new couple ^^ Hamster I found is the right, and the left is his new wife hahaha. They quicky become a friend.

They favourite food is Sunflower Seeds

I give the name "Skippy" for male..

And "Oreo" for female..

They tiny nose look so cute >.<

This is Skippy lay down while eating sunflower seed

How about my dog? They so enthusiastic but I keep my new Hamster away from my Dog. I hoping new Hamster baby born soon hahaha >.<


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